Memorable Catches

Buster May

“Buster” May with his 80 lb World Record of 1347lb, with Rick Thistlewaite, Laurie Woodbridge and Bob Barstow. Buster was Angler of the Year in 1976.

Alfred C. Glassell Jr.

A world record 1,560 lb fish caught in August of 1953 off the coast of Cabo Blanco in Peru.
The catch still holds the All-Tackle and men’s 60 kg (130 lb) line class titles to this day and was caught in a one hour and 45 minute fight.

Dave Curnock

513kg (1133lb) black marlin for Dave “Curno” Curnock on Sea Mite on 16 November 1979. Yet another example of big fish in small boats!