Memorable Catches

About Cairns GFC’s Illustrious Member Memorable Catches Gallery

The club has a proud history and has played host to both world-class records and fishermen since its inception in the early 1960s. Take a walk through history and some of the most significant catches of all time in our illustrious member gallery.

Jim Gigger

CGFC 's Jim Gigger's WR Broadbill on 80lb with Capt John Gregory on "Primetime", NZ

Bob Dyer

Bob Dyer broke his previous 1098lb World Record the very next year with a fish weighing 1138lbs!

Ken Fraser

World Record Bluefin Tuna One of the greatest game fish ever caught on rod and reel.

Garrick Agnew

Garrick Agnew on "Pannawonnica" with a 1417lb horse!

Colleen Seay

Colleen Seay, Ladies World Record of 1028 on 80, 29 Oct 1970.Twelve months before, husband Ed Seay set WR on 50 with his 1124 out of 25' "Lucky Strike"

Buster May

"Buster" May with his 80 lb World Record of 1347lb, with Rick Thistlewaite, Laurie Woodbridge and Bob Barstow. Buster was Angler of the Year in 1976.

Graham “Johnno” Johnston

Graham Johnston, angler of the year for 1978 landing a 931lb marlin on 80lb line, a very remarkable catches from small boats.

Dave Curnock

513kg (1133lb) black marlin for Dave “Curno” Curnock on Sea Mite on 16 November 1979. Yet another example of big fish in small boats!

Bob Dyer

Bob Dyer's (first) 1098lb World Record on 80 in 1972.

Daphne Nielsen

Founding Treasurer, Life Member of the CGFC and GFAA, Ms Daphne Nielsen, who was also CGFC Treasurer for many years.

Basil Mitchell

Basil Mitchell, first angler to weigh two over 1200lbs.

Pat Gay

Pat Gay, Angler of the Year 1971, with his World Record 816lb on 30.

Richard Obach

Grander that put Cairns at the front! Also a World Record for Richard Obach, and skipper George Bransford, 25 Sept 1966.

John McIntyre

Longstanding (26 years) WR Striped Marlin of 338lb on 20lb. CGFC honourable member.

Alex Johnston

Alex Johnston, Junior World Record tie, 864lb, Capt John Philips

Alfred C. Glassell Jr.

A world record 1,560 lb fish caught in August of 1953 off the coast of Cabo Blanco in Peru. The catch still holds the All-Tackle and men's 60 kg (130 lb) line class titles to this day and was caught in a one hour and 45 minute fight.

Mick Magrath

Australian Record of 1442, angler Mick Magrath, skipper Peter B Wright